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Call4Fit's mission is to democratize physical exercise. All our workouts are developed by Physical Education teachers and tested to optimize your fat loss and fitness level. ​


Our workouts have ratings for both beginners and advanced members. Our focus is the fitness audience and that's why we know that not everyone is in the same physical condition. ​


In case you don't know what your current physical condition is, we recommend starting with beginner's training and then reaching intermediate, expert and professional training.

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C4 Spin

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C4 Sprint

C4 Spin is an indoor bike workout (spinning) in which you control the intensity. This program is fun and low impact. With special music to motivate you on a cycling journey with climbs, sprints and straights, you can burn up to 900 kcal per class.

This modality has 3 pillars:

- Conditioning
- Fat loss
- Performance ​​

Each mix has 5 lesson levels. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty: ​

Level 1 - Easy: 5-10 minutes
Level 2 - Beginner: 15-20 minutes
Level 3 - Intermediate: 25-30 minutes
Level 4 - Expert: 35-40 minutes
Level 5 - Professional: 45-50 minutes ​

Choose the correct level according to your fitness. ​ If you don't know what your fitness is, we recommend starting with the beginner level.

Equipment needed: Indoor bike.

The C4 Sprint is a 30-minute HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) workout where the focus is on conditioning and fat loss.

This modality is a very intense indoor bike training where power, strength and speed rule the entire class. The training has low impact and has been scientifically tested to maximize your results in a short class duration.

As it is a modality developed with the objective of reaching your HIIT factor, after class your body continues to burn extra calories for a few hours. All this with lots of motivating music to help you reach your goals!

Equipment needed: Indoor bike.

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We developed the first artificial intelligence via computer vision for bike indoor in the world

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